Raw Linseed Oil Kit


The Raw Linseed Oil Kit contains everything needed to apply a new finish to your rifle stock.

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The Raw linseed oil kit is made from pure flax oil that has been cold pressed and contains no metallic additives. Our oil is unrefined, leaving behind the fatty acids that allow the finish to develop a deep rich patina with time. Each kit contains a 4oz bottle of Raw Linseed oil, a microfiber rage, a 3M finishing pad and instructions.

Raw Linseed

[Birch and Walnut stocks treated with Raw Linseed Oil]

Our oil kits no longer ship with Orange Oil. This allows the oil kit to be shipped USPS reducing shipping costs.

Weight 0.625 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .9 in
  1. Daniel

    Great product

    I was worried about 4 oz. being sufficient, but I was able to do 7 coats with about half a bottle. The directions and tutorials on this site make it a fairly simple job. Because of my work schedule I had to wait 5 or so days between coats but that was not an issue. Rifle looks great.
    I would be careful about using masking tape on the metal parts while prepping/stripping the stock. I had residue that was a little difficult to remove.

  2. AFJuvat

    Works great.

    More than enough oil to do several stocks. Apply sparingly and rub it in. Darkens the wood nicely and really makes the grain and any cartouches pop.

  3. Robert Fatima

    Excellent product. I followed the instructions on my new CMP Special Grade M1.The finish looks great. I am just waiting for the linseed oil to age to that nice patina.

  4. Joseph Robertson

    Great kit with excellent instructions. My M1 had a quick coat of red stain on a birch stock and it looked pretty rough. I followed the instructions on this website on how to remove the stain, then applied the linseed oil finish, again following GarandGear’s intructions to the letter. It is still in the process of curing, but already looks absolutely great. Thanks for all the great information and providing the simple but hard to find products to maintain my M1.

  5. Christopher Montano

    I was very pleased with this raw linseed oil. My new M1 stock came out great, the color seems to get better every time I take it out of the safe. Much better than other Linseed oils I have used. Easy to work with if you follow the directions and don’t keep it on the stock too long. I highly recommend this to anyone finishing a new stock or refinishing an older one.

  6. Todd Mizenko

    Great product. Very satisfied. Follow the directions and you can’t go wrong. I just refinished a walnut stock, early 50s Garand and it looks fantastic. The online resources here for all of the steps (de-cosmo, old finish removal, new finish application) were excellent. One tip: instead of mummy de-cosmoing in the car consider a nice hot summer attic! Also, the bottles may seem on the small side but rest assured that there’s plenty in there to do the job.

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