M1 Garand Hammer Spring


M1 Garand Hammer Spring. A new USGI spec hammer spring helps reduce lock time and helps with reliable function of the rifle.


The M1 Garand hammer spring is often overlooked when servicing your M1 Garand. The hammer spring rarely breaks; however, they do loose their spring force with age and use.

A new USGI spec spring helps reduce the lock time of the rifle. Lock time is defined as the time between the trigger pull and the primer being struck. A strong hammer spring also helps reduce the bolt speed as the rifle cycles. The bolt cocks the hammer as it moves rearward. An in spec spring helps slow the momentum of the bolt before it strikes the receiver heel.

Our springs are made in the USA using state of the art CNC spring winding machines. Our springs are made to the USGI specification for the M1 Garand.

Our Hammer spring comes with a lifetime warranty. If you ever wear out or break our spring from normal use contact us and we’ll send you a new spring. Made in the USA

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.15 × .36 × .36 in

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