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This M1 Garand Grease Kit is an easy to use product designed to help the shooter quickly lubricate their rifle.

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Our grease kit is the perfect tool for applying lubrication to your M1 Garand. Each kit comes preloaded with Mobil 1 Synthetic grease, five applicators and a few spare patches for cleaning up. The kit will fit in the butt-stock of the rifle (the longer storage hole) or in any toolkit. Each tube contains enough grease to last even the most active shooter an entire season. The open cell foam applicator tips are the ideal tool for applying an even layer of grease. The applicators are reusable. Please note that this is NOT a USGI oiler or a reproduction of one.

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × .75 in
  1. Matthew

    Worth it

    Just got the kit in the mail lastnight, looks great, fits tight. Got my H&R greased up and going to buy another kit for my SA. Thanks for such a handy product.

  2. Eric Thomsen

    Nice product and easy to use. I need more applicators though.

  3. Nathan Huckins

    Great kit to slip into the range bag. The applicators are nice and the whole thing is self-contained. Nate H Midland, MI

  4. Andrew Foss

    It’s nearly perfect. The only thing I’d recommend is for you to do a little modification: cut the applicator/patch tube down to 6cm (or 2 3/8 inches). It’ll still hold the applicators and patches, let it fit into the HRA (post-WWII) lower buttstock hole *and* let you wedge an M10 combo tool, patch holder and cleaning rod sections in the top hole without rattling around. It’s the best of both worlds for range days.

  5. Michael Jones

    Compact, cheap, no nonsense. Works great. Thanks.

  6. Paul Forgy

    This is a perfect little kit to keep everything lubricated properly. Plus, it’s compact and self contained.

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