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Ported Gas Plug

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Our custom made gas plug has a tuned port which increases the starting volume of the gas cylinder causing the peak gas pressures in the gas cylinder to drop by over 30%.
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Our custom gas plug has been designed to help you safely shoot commercial ammunition hassle free in your M1 Garand. Our gas plug has a tuned port that delays the operating rod for several microseconds and lowers the peak gas cylinder pressure by over 30%! Unlike a vented gas plug, ours requires no adjustments and is ready to use right away. The gas plug can be installed using a standard 1/4 socket driver!

Our ported gas plug does NOT vent gas like a vented gas plug. The secret is the hollowed out area in the base of the plug which increases the initial volume of the gas cylinder. By increasing the volume, the peak pressures are reduced without the need to vent the gas.

Customer QuestionsQ: Will the ported gas plug work with normal M2 Ball Ammunition? A: Absolutely! The ported gas plug will work with all M2 ball ammunition types made. 

Q: Will the gas plug work with low pressure loads? A: This is a harder question to answer without knowing the load being used. If there is enough gas pressure to cycle the rifle with a normal gas plug, then the ported plug should operate correctly. If the load being tested is marginal, the ported plug may not cycle the rifle reliably.

Q: The product mentions the potential for increased accuracy. Can you explain that? A: Accuracy in it's most basic form is the ability of the rifle to remain unchanged from shot to shot. The M1 has several factors inherent in its design that can cause the rifle to move or shift slightly from shot to shot. Forces acting on the barrel can change between shots. If this occurs then the accuracy potential is degraded. The ported gas plug does two things. The first is to delay motion of the op-rod for a few microseconds. (delays the forces applied to gas piston). This helps keep the system more static until the bullet has left the barrel. The second is to reduce how hard the op-rod is forced rearward. This reduces the natural flexing and bending the operating rod experiences and helps the rifle return to the same state between shots. Recall that accuracy potential is a result of the sum of all the factors acting on the rifle. The gas plug will not make a 5 MOA rifle a 1 MOA rifle.

Q: Will the gas plug work with a gas system that is worn out? A: The gas plug is designed to work with an M1 Rifle that has a gas system that is in spec. That is to say, not worn beyond the normal reject levels. That would be a gas piston with a diameter between 0.5250" and 0.5260" and a gas cylinder that is between 0.5280" and 0.5320". The operating rod spring should also be in spec and not worn excessively and the rifle properly lubricated.

Q: Can I use the ported gas plug on a Tanker or a M1 Garand with a short barrel? A: The ported gas plug is designed to work with a standard length M1 Garand Rifle. A Tanker or short barreled M1 moves the gas port closer to the chamber and results in port pressures that are many times higher then a M1 Garand was ever designed to operate with. The ported design is not suitable for use in this application.

Q: Can I use a bayonet with this gas plug?
A: The ported gas plug is NOT designed to accept a bayonet with a lug that inserts into the gas plug. The lugs on the bayonet are larger in diameter then the 1/4" cutout on the gas plug and will not allow the bayonet to be fully seated.

Q: What causes an Op-Rod to get bent? A: There are three factors that can result in damage to the Op-Rod. The first is high pressure in the gas cylinder. The second is binding of the Op-Rod, and the third is poor lubrication. If any two of the these three conditions is present then damage is possible. If the op-rod is binding then the operating rod will flex and bend when cycling until the bind is overcome. This causes the operating rod to flex and damage is possible. Our ported gas plug reduces the peak pressures in the gas cylinder, which in turn reduces the peak forces acting on the operating rod. Always check your M1 for binding by performing the [Tilt Test].

The effect of the ported gas plug design is shown below.empty chamber         (Click image for full view)
    Custom Made in the USA

[Installation Instructions]


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Works perfectly Review by Bradley
This seems to work as advertised. It has worked flawlessly on my CMP "service" grade rifle. Replaces the original exactly, and you can only tell by very close examination. The only difference is the cross in the screw is slightly more shallow. Fit and finish otherwise is the same as the original screw. I have an original modified (cut down older longer model) WWII bayonet, M1905E1 style, and it fits perfectly with this screw in place. The M1 and earlier bayonets have a ring that goes around the muzzle, and fit over this gas screw perfectly. The later M5 style bayonets have a small knob that fits down into the cross of the gas screw, instead of going around the muzzle. Those might have issues with this gas screw since the cavity made by the cross is more shallow. Others have suggested some light grinding of the knob with a Dremel and re-blacking the grind marks will make them fit, but since I don't have one, I can't confirm.

I can tell this screw reduces the stress on the op-rod and all the parts in the action. My rifle used to throw most of the brass over my shoulder, waaaay behind me, before installing this screw, even with surplus rounds made specifically for the Garand. Now, almost every round comes out relatively gently, and only a few feet straight to my right, or even slightly in front of me. It is also a lot more consistent as to where it throws the brass. This screw makes the action work more gently and consistently.

I'm on here right now ordering another screw for my new CMP "special" grade rifle. The special is an almost new Garand, starting with a receiver in good shape, reparkerized, and mated to a brand new Criterion barrel, a new stock, and finished off with "like new" refinished old parts and new parts. I plan on shooting this one more than my WWII vintage rifle. I may even do things I wouldn't dream of doing with my old one, like replacing the upper hand guard with a rail, for modern optics. (Posted on 8/23/2015)
Valuable addition to your Garand. Review by AFJuvat
Easy installation. Lets you shoot a wider range of ammo in your Garand without beating up your op-rod. (Posted on 7/30/2015)
Great Product for Garand Shooters. "Ported Gas Plug" Review by Frank
This product exceeds its expectations. Now I can use commercial ammo. Lots of hard work & time must have gone into the development of this product and the data doesn't lie.
Thanks from all of the recreational shooters who benefit from this product.

Frank Picini/New Grand owner (Posted on 7/13/2015)
Garand + Commercial Ammo = Shooting Nirvana Review by Kevin
If you have never fired quality modern commercial ammo out of your M1 you do not realize what you are missing. With the Garand Gear ported gas plug I will no longer waste my time on surplus ammo.
Shooting Remington and Federal 150gr, 250 yard hits on steel were a given. Out to 500 yards I struggled a bit with my eyeglass vision but my buddy was easily hitting the targets. Easily outshot a modern .308 shooting new NATO spec ammo.
Modern ammo with modern grease and modern cleaning supplies will make this M1 a regular at the range from now on.
(Posted on 12/10/2014)
The best product and customer service Review by Timothy
First the product
This product makes my m1 into a practical and useful tool or hunting and defense. I was in fear that I could find any m2 ball ammo out there ( I did eventually) but this product solves that problem and If I need ammo I can get it anywhere.
Now the customer service
Only one other person in my life has given me the quality service I have seen here, my own hometown gun shop. Eric has the best service I have ever seen on or near the web keep it up man. (Posted on 9/14/2014)
Review by Tyler Hagen
Just got mine to the range yesterday, shooting a mix of Remington 150gr soft points and American Eagle M2 Ball-spec; it performed flawlessly. For those of you worried about the bayonet, one of the M1 bayonets should work fine for most applications. (Posted on 3/12/2014)
Review by Oscar Andrew
thank you, i feel safer shooting my 180gr big game loads without any worries hurting and/or damaging my garand (Posted on 10/8/2013)
Review by David Boyd
Great product. Attaching bayonet is simple. Remove micarta handles, use a Drexel tool to remove a minuscule amount around the bayonet lug. Takes less than 10 minutes. Works perfectly. Touch up with flat gun black if it suits your fancy. (Posted on 8/24/2013)
Review by Nathan Huckins
I have bought several of these and wouldn't shoot without one. It fits great, locks in tight, and just flat out works. I've fired thousands of rounds through many rifles with these on them and they 100% work. Nate H Midland, MI (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Review by Terry Larson
Love my ported gas plug. Only complaint is that the plug will not accept the M5A1 Bayonet. The pin on the bayonet will not go into the tightening port on the gas plug. (Posted on 3/12/2013)

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